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Leave your tracks, look back and see the path you've traveled. Play with the shapes and colors. Sneaky and slippery bubbles move under your feet in time with your every step. It's the feeling of walking over volcanic lava, the playful interaction of the different surfaces is the game at hand, or foot.

LiquidFloor is an innovative system of flooring, creating visually spectacular and dynamic surfaces that interact with the movement of the user, offering a mosaic of moving shapes and colors.

LiquidFloor can be manufactured either with or without lighting support. The illuminated version uses backlit panels available in a wide variety of colors, creating a mesmerizing visual effect, thanks to the chromatic variants between the light and the liquid.

LiquidFloor is completely modular and adaptable. It's delivered ready to use with no assembly required. The colors can be customized to fit the client's needs. The flooring system is available in various standard sizes.

We also manufacture the flooring in nonstandard sizes and for special requirements. LiquidFloor was developed for design and installation in shopping centers, retail stores, playgrounds, expositions, trade fairs, flooring demos, building entrances, spas, hotels, ephemeral architecture, etc...

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