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Less is more, that is the philosophy that inspired us to design the lightbox, MicroLight. Aesthetic simplicity, pure and simple lines and high intensity LED lighting. It's the backlit panel raised to the maximum point of space

MicroLight is our line of backlit panels, made with ultra slim frames, either single or doublesided, that completely draw the client's attention to the desired message, without the panel itself being a distraction and taking away
from the communication of the message.

MicroLight is equipped with high intensity LED lighting, low energy and zero maintenance. You can expect more than 10 years of continued store hour use, as well. We produce our MicroLights generally with cold white light, but this can be substituted for warm white, blue, red, green, yellow and RGB with a regulator to control the color of the light.

Additionally, waterproof LED's are available for outdoor use. This lighting panel can be used as a promotional display frame for retail stores, shopping centers, trade fair stands, travel agencies, banks... also it can be used to separate interior spaces, as a ambient lighting lamp, ceiling panel light, etc...

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