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Riding smoothly on a wave of light, dynamic shapes that hint of speed and stability. Ambient lighting that's the perfect vehicle for transporting, on a ray of light, your advertising message, without worrying about where or
under what conditions.

SurfLight is a multi-use, low-profile lamp that works on low voltage and was conceived to perfectly withstand external elements and outdoor use. With that in mind, this lamp is IP 67 (waterproof) certified.

SurfLight is equipped with waterproof, high-intensity LED illumination, low energy and zero maintenance. This, together with the fact that all internal connections are hermetically sealed and thermically insulated, surfLight can be complete submerged under water.

In creating surfLight, in addition to the practical criteria, an added aesthetic value has very much been kept in mind. For that reason, this lamp has a shape that closely resembles that of a skate or snowboard.

Manufactured entirely by translucent plastic materials, light passes through the whole structure, creating a soft, perimeter light that gives a floating sensation to the lamp, without shadows or visible mechanical fixtures.

The outer face of the lamp can be decorated with a backlit acrylic poster to add a promotional message, simply give it an ambient touch, or place a photographic image on the lamp.

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