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Advertising that adapts to your points of sale, dynamic updates and content that encourage the buyer to interact with the product. Presentations on the move, with the full potential of audio-visual systems, always on target.

All of this, under your complete control. You decide what is displayed at each Point of Sale, the current state of the advertisement, launch temporary campaigns at certain POS, Highlight specific products based on their location and demand. An IP TV channel just for you... This is all possible with our "RemoteAd" advertising system.

RemoteAd uses zero maintenance players, TFTs or plasma screens, touch-screen systems and Flash and Flash Video technology, all under a powerful and stable Linux architecture. Using WiFi you can even install this system into self-contained, stand-alone displays.

To avoid costly intranet infrastructures, we take advantage of high speed Internet connections (ADSL, Cable, etc) which house the advertising messages on a central server 24/7. From here, the contents are downloaded to any given POS in a scheduled manner, updated to the minute. No action is required at any POS, even turning on and off the monitor is taken care of by the system automatically.

With our system, you can find out at any time what is being displayed at each point of sale, and generate automatic reports of the content displayed and the number of times shown. In this way, your advertising specifically reaches the customers, enabling total advertising interaction.


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